12 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Ready to cut some energy costs? By incorporating these 12 tips, you can make your home more energy efficient!
1. Hire a professional to audit your energy consumption.
2. Conserve lighting.
3. Reduce temperature setting.
4. Disconnect appliances not in use.
5. Avoid overcharging your electronic devices.
6. Keep appliances clean for better usage.
7. Weather-proof your windows and doors.
8. Use good insulation.
9. Pay attention to above and below you. Ceiling fans can ensure better air circulation and suitable flooring can help reduce heat loss.
10. Use energy-saving and low-usage technology and equipment.
11. Look for alternatives to heat water. Solar or geothermal water heaters are the most economical.
12. Service your heating system.
By carefully maintaining your household appliances, cutting waste, and consistently practicing conservative habits, you will see your energy usage and dollars well spent.

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